Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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I think I finally get it! A while back I heard Matthew Zachary on the Stupid Cancer Show refer to cancer as the gift that keeps on giving.

Well today was my fun filled day at the doctor’s office. I had to go for a colposcopy. Sometimes being a girl SUCKS! See a colposcopy is a test that they do if they find abnormal cells in your PAP exam. Yes, lucky me. I thought I was going to die today. The pain from the biopsy was horrific. Now I’m not usually one to complain but OMG! WTF! So after the exam the doctor explained that I will need to make a follow up appointment in two weeks to go over the results and at that point I should also have an ultrasound of my ovaries, just to make sure everything is good there too.

Like that isn’t enough. I found out yesterday that I need to get another MUGA scan because my echocardiogram that I had done a few weeks ago came back with some alarming results. My oncologist put a phone call in to the cardiologist and he recommended a MUGA scan. Now my oncologist reassures me that it’s just precautionary. She feels that the echocardiogram was probably incorrect and all my other MUGA scans were normal so that is why they are recommending another MUGA scan. The MUGA scan takes a much more involved look at the heart.

I’m trying NOT to freak out, but I just wonder….
All those drugs from chemo pumped through my body. Did they do more harm than good....?

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