Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Time For Reflection

October 4, 2016

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As I head into my 10th year of Survivorship and enter the Pink Haze of October, once again it’s time for me to reflect… 

There are days it’s seems like just yesterday, I heard those life changing words, “You’ve Got Cancer”.  And other days it seems likes it’s been in my review mirror for a long time.
I try to live my life in a positive way and not to stress or sweat the small stuff.  I definitely NEVER complain about bad hair days anymore! 
And of course trying to stay healthy includes eating well and exercising.   Yes, I’ve been off course a few times and gained weight and then lost it and then gained again and now I’ve lost it again.  The difference this time is, I did it the right way.  No fad diets, no counting points, just eating healthy and finding something that I enjoy doing that counts as exercise, like biking.

I love to get up early and catch the sunrise either on my way to a trail or sometimes I’m already on the trail.  Biking is not only exercise and keeping me healthy psychically but I really believe it’s my therapy mentally as well. 
This past weekend I did my first century ride, which is 100 miles.  I love the fact that I did it in the month of October AND I did it on October 2nd which is a key date for me in my cancer crapness journey.  October 2nd was my very last Herceptin treatment, ending my 17 month battle.   A battle of being scanned, poked, poisoned, cut and amputated.  Yes I consider my double mastectomy, amputated. 

So once again it’s October and I remind all my girlfriends to do their self breast exams, cause I’m living proof that Breast Cancer can strike the young. 
So just in case you can’t see me through the Pink Haze of October, I’m the Girl Standing Strong and flipping the bird to STUPID CANCER! 

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