Saturday, March 8, 2008

OMG! Has it really been a year?

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Current mood: disbelief

One year ago today is the day my life changed forever. It was the day I found out that I had cancer.

It's weird cause sometimes I feel like it was just yesterday and other times it feels like it has been much much longer than a year.

I have to admit, I've had some highs and some lows and even some low lows. It's weird cause I remember reading survivor stories and everyone saying that even though they had cancer they wouldn't change a thing. I used to think to myself. What the hell "good" is going to come of cancer. I can honestly say, I now know.

I have met some fantastic new friends along my cancer journey, people who I now love. I call them my cancer friends. Without cancer, our paths would not have crossed.

I've become very active in an organization called i2y or I'm too Young for this. It's a great organization geared around helping the young adults. I met the founder of the organization at a cancer conference in New York City, his name is Matthew Zachary. I am happy to say, Matthew and I have become friends. I believe i2y got me through cancer. Heck, without Matthew this blog wouldn't exist. I love this organization for two main reasons. One I didn't feel like I fit into the "sisterhood" of breast cancer. Hell I was only 35 at the time and we all know the average age for a woman to get breast cancer is 20 to 25 years older than me. Plus with i2y you get to meet young adults with all types of cancer, NOT just breast cancer and for me, I needed that. I was sick of talking about boobs! The other thing I love about i2y is the social events they have. During chemo I actually went to one, which was called a "Stupid Cancer Happy Hour". It was basically a social gathering where young adults affected by cancer could just hang out and talk. At this event I met a woman named Cathy Bueti. She is the author of a book called Breastless in the City. It's her story about fighting breast cancer. She was so sweet, she sent me a copy of her book. We have soooo much in common besides the breast cancer, it's kinda a good way. She helped me so much with my cancer journey. She and I had similar surgeries and reconstruction and she was always there for me, to answer all my questions and share her words of wisdom.

I strongly believe that your cancer journey is what you make it......
Being strong and as Lance says "Livestrong" is the key!
Know that you are not alone, reach out and find a support group.

Happy One Year to Me! Yeah Me!

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