Monday, July 7, 2008

Leaving the Doctor's Office doing cartwheels!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Current mood: Relieved

Well, today I had my 3 month follow up ultrasound. I have to admit I was scared shitless sitting in the waiting room first thing this morning. My appointment was at 8:30 and I was the first to arrive. Then came a woman and her husband. She looked like she was about to burst, she was pregnant. I thought to myself, here it comes, all the happy pregnant women and me, the scared shitless girl praying her cancer has not come back. I have come to hate that waiting room.

The results came back normal. The doctor did not see a "spot of interest" on this ultrasound. I asked what the spot could have been and where did it go? She said it was probably a cyst and it went away. I was confused. She explained that good cysts go away on their own and bad cysts stay and depending on what they do, they need to be taken care of.

Thank God my cyst was good!

I am getting one step closer to reclaiming my life. I have my herceptin treatement tomorrow and then I only have 2 more and then I am FREE! By the time my birthday roles around in September, I should be free of all my treatments and crap. Well, I still have to take tamoxifin for another 4 1/2 years, but that's a pill so we won't count that. It sure beats herceptin which I need every 3 weeks through an iv and it takes 90 minutes and takes me back to my chemo days...YUK!

One day at a time....

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Duane said...

Congratulations on the wonderful news!!!!! This is awesome, so celebrate. :)