Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you have $340,358.35?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Current mood: Shocked!

Well I finally did it. I added up all my bills from my cancer and got this outrageous number.

The cost of my cancer that was billed to my insurance company was...can I have a drum roll please...$340,358.35.

That's crazy!

All I have to say is, THANK GOD I had insurance!

I haven't really added up my costs. I know my deductible was $600 and each office visit was $25 and of course all my drugs, they cost me $10 a prescription.

Here is the breakdown of my cancer bill that was sent to my insurance company:

mammogram, ultrasound, biopsies, consult with breast surgeon, pathology reports and lab work $6,678.22

Breast Surgeon office visits $1,951.

MRI $3,613.93

Pre-op physicals $467.

1st surgery to remove lump $12,223.16

Consult with Plastic Surgeon $590.

Genetic Test $3,120.

Oncologist Consult $360.

Blood work $122.42

Pathology reports $98.65

Body Scans (full body, pelvic and heart) $7,913.50

Surgery to implant my port $6,281.13

Chemo Treatments, this includes office visits, blood work, chemo drugs, injections, IV therapy and of course supplies $84,221.07

The chemo drugs by themselves were $58,355.

Herceptin Treatments, this includes office visits, blood work, Herceptin drug, injections, IV therapy and once again supplies $128,919.68

The Herceptin Drug alone was $108,426.

Breast Surgery/Bi-lateral mastectomy with DEIP tram flap reconstruction $83,668.59

Holy Shit! That's alot of money. The operating room alone was $29,696. I guess that seems fair enough, after all I was in surgery for 15 hours.

Visiting Nurse $130.

Grand Total $340,358.35


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Lisa Rendall said...

Holy Crap! That's a crazy insane amount of money. I feel SO lucky to live in Canada after seeing your list of how much all your tests, surgeries and treatments cost. I just go to the doctor and the cancer centre and don't have to worry about what anything costs...we just get the treatment. It's our Canadian Medicare system - we don't have to worry about having insurance. However, it does help to have insurance to help with prescription drug costs etc. Thank God I had that too. I'm sure we would have lost everything if we'd had to pay for my treatment...I am truly blessed. I've been on Herceptin for almost 9 years and my stage 4 cancer is still stable!!!

Lisa in Canada. Check out my website & my blog "Loves, Laughs & Losses" at