Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally! The truth is coming out about that Pink Ribbon

Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Please watch the above video.

I am so Freakin' happy! Finally people are catching on and seeing what's really behind that pink ribbon.

I know I've blogged about this before and always said there is NOTHING pretty about Breast Cancer so why do we dress it up with a pink ribbon?

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, I hate October and the pink haze that hangs over the month. Everything pink!

Pink products kill me and I remember telling my friends and family a long time ago, please do not buy me something pink. For example why would I want a pink toaster. So that every morning as I toast my morning bagel, I can be reminded of my Breast Cancer. Really? Like taking a shower every morning and seeing my mastectomy scars isn't enough.

There is nothing pretty about Breast Cancer and hiding the ugly truth behind that ribbon is just wrong.

Someone please tell me what was so pretty about my battle? The chemo and throwing up and the pain and the bald head and the weight gain. Oh, that's so pretty. The mastectomy scars and having a part of me amputated. Oh, that's so pretty too. The psychological scars and feeling like I'm not whole anymore or how is someone ever going to be attracted to me and want me. Oh, that's pretty as well.

Give me a Freakin' Break!

The truth is that Breast Cancer is UGLY and YES women are STILL DIEING from it!


sam said...

im preforming prayers over the phone,and i would love to share the knowldge tahat god gave me with you..
let me know if you like to try it..

zeenat said...

I so agree with you.I hate all the reminders.

Calligraphyqueen said...

I have for many years felt a disconnection over all the pinkwashing and commercialization of this horrific disease. It was made worse when I had a daughter with Rett Syndrome, whose awareness month for a RARE disease was to be October. I have to educate even ER dr's about my daughter's disease, yet everyone knows about breasts already. I am supposed to feel gulity because I am not on the pink bandwagon, but none of it actually helps women suffering through this arduous journey! Frustrating at best!