Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David M. Bailey Is Coming To Connecticut!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Current mood: Excited!!

I am so excited! I got an invitation the other day in the mail from Hartford Hospital inviting their cancer patients, family and friends to a party called Celebrate Life. Now I have to admit I usually don't like going to these things but when I saw who was going to be the featured guest, I said, "I'm there!"

David M. Bailey is going to be the featured guest. He is a singer, songwriter and also a young adult cancer survivor like myself. I first heard his music on the i2y benefit cd. The first song on the cd is his called One More Day.

The words to this song are so powerful. Here they are:

Don't let the grass grow beneath your busy feet
Don't let the grass grow above you when you rest
You've got one more day to get to where you're going
One more day to give your very best
Don't let the clouds forever block your sunshine
Don't let the sunshine blind you on your way
You might have years of tears put behind you
But right now you've got one more day
One more day when you can hold your children
One more day you can hold your wife
One more day when you can watch the grass grow
One more day when you can live your life
Don't let the cynics tell you they know better
better yet, don't let them talk to you at all
You've got one more day to prove that they know nothing
One more day to find your private call
Don't let your loved ones ever doubt your passion
Don't let your passion ever start to fade
I know how it feels to be so frightened
But right now, you've got one more day
One more day, when you can hold your children.....

I love this song! This song and all the other one's on the i2y benefit cd are so powerful. What also makes this cd so awesome is that all the songs are performed by young adult cancer survivors or ones touched by cancer in their lives. You can check it out at the i2y website, Cancer Survivors Rule!

If you are in the Hartford area and want to come to the event. The details are as follows:

Celebrate Life
Hartford Hospital Cancer Program's Annual Celebration of Life for patients, friends and family
Featured guest will be David M. Bailey. As a singer and songwriter David will entertain and move you with his stories and songs of growing up as the son of a missionary family in Beruit, his life in Europe and his ten year survival from a brain tumor that changed the purpose and course of his life. The Master of ceremonies will be Scot Haney, WFSB weather personality and host of Better Connecticut. Scot's mother Marlene, will offer her survival story along with anecdotes on raising Scot. Live entertainment provided by Screamin' Eagles Jazz Band from Pratt & Whitney. A light lunch will be provided. This event is free and is being held at the The Learning Corridor, which is directly across the street from Hartford Hospital. RSVP by Friday, May 23, 2008 at 860-545-1888 or 1-800-545-7664. Directions and parking info. will be provided when you RSVP.

I will so be there, and I hope you will be there too!

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